I help parents become untriggered so that they can raise confident, empowered children who are seen and loved.

By doing this parents unlock then inner wisdom, become who they are, parent calmer and feel more confident.

It was like a jungle inside my head.  
Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, self-hatred, biting myself, anger issues, low self-esteem, passive-aggressive behavior, being oversensitive, and violent relationships all contribute to low self-esteem. 
With a lot of inner work, I was able to overcome that.
You start to live a new life in the jungle when you know who you are.

How my childhood marked my life

I was a very hyperactive child. I could feel and see the world differently. My parents didn’t know how to parent me. I had so many ideas, could feel I want to save the world. I did have an exploring and nice childhood but there were a few things that really marked my life:

WHAT THEY WERE SAYING TO ME – I was constantly told I am the worst thing ever, who will be able to cope and live with me? Every time i “did” something I heard I am like a devil with that voice of despair and a face full of anger, and disappointment.

DISCIPLINING ME – I was bitten a lot and one of the disciplining ways was I had to be on my knees to think about what I did and apologize later. I promised I will never do this to my child when I grew up.

 BEING ABANDONED – I was 2. I could feel something is happening but no one told me, and no one comforted me. One night they put me in bed and the next morning my mom was gone. I was running and screaming around the house but there was none there. 40 years later I found out the truth but as I child experienced a trauma. 

I REALIZED WHO I AM – When I was 7 I heard someone sad with a voice of despair and enormous anger: This is the devil, the worst thing ever. I have realized that that is me.

These events and experiences marked my life and I had to reparent myself. Becoming UNTIGGERED was a deep journey for that.

Stepping stones in my parenting

 In the beginning, I thought this will be easy and just perfect for me. The children really loved me. But when I became a MOM, I had to face all my deep pains, triggers, trauma experiences and generation cycles.
PARENTING MISSION –  Holding my child in my arms for the first time opened a new world in me. I felt so strongly to be called to give this child faith in himself. That became my parenting GPS.
WE CAN GIVE WHAT WE HAVE INSIDE – As my child was so insecure, and sad all the time I was trying to find a way to parent better. I was aware that he is reflecting our inner worlds.  I had no idea how to help him build confidence. Then I realized we can only give what we have. I had to change.
DISCIPLINING  – When tantrums start I felt powerless. There were 3 days in a roll when I hit my son as he didn’t want to go to kindergarten. I discovered such anger in me that was ashamed of myself.  I had to change.
MOM, AM I A GOOD BOY?  –  When my son was 4 years old he said: Mom, there is someone in my mind telling me I am not a good boy. That was more than 10 years ago. I have decided to find a way to help him understand his inner world. And I did. With stories. 
YOU PARENT YOURSELF AND A CHILD IN THE SAME MOMENT  – With all the triggers that I was facing in my parenting, the only this that helped me was to reparent myself and work on my inner world. This helped me thrive from anger shame, guilt, and depression to calmness, being happy, have more energy and confident.