You want to a be different mom?

You want to be calmer or more connected with your children?


Do you want to raise children who are confident, 

who how hot to manage and verbalize their emotions?

Do you want to raise children who know who they are?

You became a mom and moments later you feel like you ended up in a jungle. Everything has changed: you, your relationship, life. 
Sometimes it feels like you lost yourself in motherhood. Then there are days when you discover such anger in you that you didn’t know you had such. Still, you feel that calling to give your child skills for life, all the things you didn’t get. You feel overwhelmed, 
and frustrated, and then you find yourself screaming at children but you promised yourself you won’t do that. Children don’t listen, you are trying to build a family connection. You would like to stop constantly labelling them. Trauma is the one thing that you wish you could eliminate from your life.
You’ve been trying so hard to break cycles in your behaviour when you are triggered. But you find yourself constantly in a fight or flight cycle. 
You want to be joyful. You want to feel connected to your children and confident, and loving. 
You want your children to be seen and loved.
Like with everything else in the universe, parenting relies on some foundational principles.
When you recognise this and start learning those foundational principles, parenting starts to feel a heck of a lot easier!
Imagine having a wise guide in your corner, 
who can help you resolve any issues you run into, 
as you learn these principals!
The 3-month coaching program  will help you feel worthy again with me by your side,
give you the support and tools to help your children manage their emotions and
empower you to create a life you love to have.

I have been divorced 9 years and last 8 years I have been helping moms and divorced moms to become a mom they needed as a child.



UNDESTAND you life and business
Do the inner work and unlock your inner power
Raise children who know who the are
EMPOWER  yourself and your children

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