Unleash the Power Within!

Raise Resilient  And Confident Children with emotional intelligence.

Unlock and Empower Your Parenting Skills.  

Transforming Parenting Through Empathy and patience.


As a MOTHER your goal, desire, wish is…

If you want your kids to flourish with their passion, you want them to believe in themselves with a sense of worth and good critical thinking.
You want your kids to be confident, resilient, know they are unique, and to feel loved, seen, and heard. 
You want your kids to know how to make good decisions, how to cope with failure, how to form good friendships, and how to communicate their needs effectively. 
You want to bea good role model for your children, be able to communicate with them in every situation, set appropriate boundaries, and still care for yourself.

You are easily frustrated and trigger a lot 

despite your best efforts. 

You don’t want to parent that way because it’s exhausting.


Watching all the YouTube videos, listening to podcasts, or reading all the books won’t change your parenting style. 

There are many great resources available, but they are not always effective at bringing about deep, lasting changes.

The process of changing behavior requires time and consistency. 

For this reason, parent coaching is essential to facilitating the transformation.


Imagine having a wise guide in your corner, 

who can help you resolve any issues you run into, 

as you learn fundamental parenting principles!


Like with everything else in the universe, parenting relies on some foundational principles.

When you recognize this and start learning those foundational principles, 

parenting starts to feel a heck of a lot easier!




28 days program with proven no yelling tools to unlock you inner calm

An unique tool to help kids understand their triggers and how to manage them with more confidence

Helpful tool to more effective and balance communication when you struggle

Each month a new storytelling mediation to foster calm, patience, inner strength, positivity, confidence with kids

Available scripts and MP3 recordings that will help you create a self-love movement in your inner world.

Monthy workshops to help you stay on the track.

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Who is Alex Pin?

My name is Alex or Aleksandra and I am a teen-mother, parenting coach for mothers, primary school teacher and  I love to dance bachata.

 I help mothers become untriggered so that they can raise confident, empowered children who are seen and loved.

By doing this mothers unlock then inner wisdom, become who they are, parent calmer and feel more confident.

I am on a mission to help mothers and other parents to raise kids who are trigger-aware and positive creators of the future.