Unleash the Power Within!

Raise Resilient  And Confident Children with a strong inner voice.

Unlock and Empower Your Parenting Skills  

Transforming Parenting Through Empathy and Growth


But there are 2 things you are trying to cope with…


You have you own parenting struggles….

You are struggling with moments of frustration or disconnection in your parenting journey? 
Are you overwhelmed by guilt that you’re not doing enough?  Or maybe you feel like you’re doing too much and it’s not working… 
Maybe you ended up being a single divorced parent. Maybe you wish you could parent differently
You want to do it differently, you read books, listen to podcasts, go to courses, still…

You try to help support you children and be the best parent.


As a parent your goal, desire, wish is…

You want them to be themselves, to believe in themselves with a good self worth, critical thinking who are thriving with their passion.
You want your children to be confident, resilient, know their uniqueness, that they are loved, seen and heard. 
You want your children to make good decision, to know how to deal with failure, create good friendships and communicate their needs. 
You want to be a good role model, know how to connect with you children in any situation, set up boundaries and still care about yourself.

Soul-led parents & caregivers

Like with everything else in the universe, parenting relies on some foundational principles.
When you recognize this and start learning those foundational principles, 
parenting starts to feel a heck of a lot easier!
Imagine having a wise guide in your corner,
who can help you resolve any issues you run into,
as you learn these principles!


Froggy approach and inner voice parenting can help you!


This 5-hour intensive & practical-oriented LIVE workshop 



  • How to empower child’s strong inner voice and help them build confidence and resilience.
  • How to effectively use the Froggy approach in 10 different parenting situations to help them know themselves.
  • Why 5 life&parenting principals are so important and how to become a better parent with them.
  • The Froggy approach helps you connect to family and provides a secure attachment.


  • The story about Froggy in 3 versions for the different child age
    5 life&parenting principles and how to use them in life.
  • 4-step process to help your child develop a strong inner voice using the Froggy approach.
  • Engaging conversation starters that promote children: empathy, understanding, emotional regulation, responsibility, and solving solitons skills.


How to connect with your children in difficult times
How 5 life & parenting tools you guide when you don’t know what to do
How to use Froggy approach when children talk back, lie, hit you, behave disrespectfully
How to help children when  they struggle with ager, anxiety, what others think of them, low confidence 
A new perspective in parenting children how to manage emotions and thoughts 
From effective communication techniques to positive discipline methods, you’ll discover practical tools that will help you navigate various parenting challenges with confidence. 
You will develop a deeper understanding of your child’s emotions, needs, and behaviors. You’ll gain insights into building a stronger and more meaningful parent-child relationship, fostering trust, and creating a nurturing environment where your child can thrive.
 Effective communication is vital in parenting, and this course will provide you with practical skills to foster healthy and open communication with your child. You’ll learn techniques for active listening, expressing your emotions constructively, and resolving conflicts peacefully.

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By enrolling in this practical-oriented course, 

you will gain the necessary skills, insights,

 and support to transform your parenting approach

 and create a loving, nurturing, and harmonious family environment. 

Start your journey today and experience the positive impact 

it will have on your parenting and your child’s overall development.

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