2-hour live event

As a PARENT, you WANT these 3 things

You envision a future where your kids

navigate life with confidence,

resilience, and a sense of responsibility and create a happy life.

You see them thrive, overcome challenges with ease, and

embrace every opportunity that comes their way.

And you know you did your parenting work well.


parenting is a more than a decade-long wheel of change. When you are caught up in an everyday loop of yelling, being overwhelmed, being overstimulated, shouting, no communication, child resistance, constant NOs or MOMMY LOOK, eyes rolling, no understanding or empathy, other parenting your children, toxic relationships, divorce… 


YOU feel guilt, ashamed or not good enough but you usually say – ITS OK, I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE, THSI SHALL PASS. But you are actually styling in the loop of patterns. 

  • More energy
  • Increased confidence
  • Ability to set boundaries with ease
  • Greater calm and patience
  • Higher awareness
  • Break generational patterns
  • Become a better role model for your kids
  • Develop resilience
  • Foster empathy
  • Gain emotional intelligence
  • Become more self-aware
  • Develop responsibility
  • Learn how to communicate their needs

Additionally, you will have a simple tool (a children's story) to help your kids navigate and manage their emotions and develop calming strategies.

JOIN 2-hour live event

This is for

conscious parents, caregivers,
kindergarten and primary school teachers
and cycle breakers and is dedicated to raising a new generation of leaders.
 Ideal for parents with children aged 3 to 10
years old also with ADHD, hypersensitive, strong will, anxiety, anger issues…
This is different because everything I teach comes from my own parenting experiences. I was compelled to find a solution when my son said to me, “MOM, THERE IS SOMEONE IN MY MIND TELLING ME I AM NOT A GOOD BOY.”
I’ve helped over 300 parents through my coaching and sold 3,000 books in my country.
  1. Tools to understand yourself and your patterns + how to define your triggers

  2. Practical tools how to help kids navigate triggers and emotions using Froggy metaphor

  3. 5 universal parenting pillars to help you set up boundaries + develop kids’ confidence, resilience and responsibly


Recognize your triggers and generational patterns and see how they affect your parenting.
Understand the reasons behind your child’s behavior.
Respond calmly using the strategies you’ll learn.
Improve communication skills.
Deepen connections and support your nervous system using five magical touches.

2-hour live event
for 100€


CONNECTED with 5 intentional touchpoints:
Manage your nervous system and stay clam anytime and where 
Unlock your peaceful parenting NOW:
5 Unconscious ways that make kids feel unloved and how to change them
Guide How to Use Children’s Story and Raise Confident, Aware Kids

for 100€.

Success stories

Maya, a mother of three, shared how using Froggy helped her ADHD son manage his reactions in school. “Initially, I tried everything, but all this about Froggy made some sense. I followed your tips and all the changes. First, he started to be aware of the triggers with words: ‘Mom, Froggy grabbed me.’ I kept following your guidance. After three months, he came home with the happiest face I have ever seen. He said: ‘I did it. I conquered my Froggy and didn’t hit my friend when he was teasing me!’
Daniela, a mom of two, says: “I have noticed that our time together is much calmer. Each day I am more and more aware of my Froggy. Sometimes things happen so fast, but I see that day by day, I am more aware. The family atmosphere is so much better.”
Vesna, a mom of one, says: “I am so grateful to finally have some time for myself and my partner in the evenings. I had the wrong perception of what gentle and conscious parenting is. I didn’t know how to set up boundaries with my 8-year-old daughter in the evening bedtime routine. You helped a lot, and Froggy, especially, since I could understand what was happening. I see now how she is really gaining her confidence because of the set-up boundaries. Thank you. This is priceless.”
Renata is a kindergarten teacher for kids aged 3 to 4 years old. She says: “It is remarkable how kids understand Froggy after hearing the story once.” Watching them communicate, I overheard some kids saying: ‘This is Froggy’ or ‘You got the Froggy.’ I see that now I am at the stage to teach them. I must teach them how to say what they notice in a proper, kind way without hurting or shaming each other.”

Who am I?

I am Alex.

I am an Expert in healing your Inner Critic and how to stop beating yourself up, a Conscious parenting mentor and a Bestselling author rewarded for innovation.

I teach a revolutionary approach spiced with a holistic touch to heal your wounds that can show up as self-hate, perfectionism, feeling not good enough and guilty, and anxiety.

I help you profoundly understand yourself and your child. You start to read the subtitles of your words and behaviour. I also teach you about triggers, big emotions you and your kids and how to step into your path to peaceful parenting. This has a positive effect on your personal life, parenting, and relationship.