What Do Kids Really Wish For?

With the creation of the book “Hannah’s Christmas Wish”, the idea was born to encourage children, as well as their parents, to think about intangible values and thus contribute to a collective tolerance of difference in all respects and the development of a sense towards all fellow human beings.


In the beginning, I ran an art competition for 2 years. This art competition was made to encourage unique wishes in children, and to motivate children to express themselves through art. Every December we receive priceless wishes, and as a small enthusiastic child I read them myself, laughing and crying in between.

In 2014 we announced a national art competition “Hanina and my Christmas wish” for the first time in primary schools and kindergartens, which was attended by more than 3,000 children from all over Slovenia. The following five best wishes were selected from this competition:

[insert children’s wishes]

It was magical.

In 2015, we repeated the art competition. As many as 20,000 children responded to it, confiding in us what they really wanted deep in their hearts. These were not cars, dolls, dice… but small attentions that do not require money, but only the love and time of parents, the closeness of grandparents, socializing with friends, and health, happiness and joy for all who they love.


So that there is no quarrel, because I don’t like to listen to it.

I wish all children knew how to tie their shoes.

I wish my mom would tell me I’m good at not bothering anything.

I want my parents to be kind to each other.

I wish I could spend more time with my family.

I want a planet to fly with my family.

I wish I could play with my dad and mom to put together dice, sing and dance.

I wish I was a fairy. It would enchant the rainbow and everyone would be happy.

I wish everyone a fairytale land.

I wish I could hug my mom.

I wish everyone was happy.


I wish he knew football tricks.

I wish my mom would read me fairy tales in the evening.

I want to fly with aliens.

I wish I had such power that I was no longer naughty and that the elders were no longer angry with me.

My Christmas wish is to squeeze in at home.

For Christmas, I wished we were all together because my dad is in the military and he wasn’t home, so I was sad. I wanted a kitty too. For Christmas, it all came true. Dad came home, and I was so happy with my kitty that I didn’t go to sleep.


Even today, as I read them, they give me strength and remind me of what really matters in life.


The core of the art competition is the story of “Hannah’s Christmas Wish”, and everyone who would like to have a picture book should take a peek and follow what surprises await you HERE.

THIS is definitely a story you must have in your collection.

You can read more about the competition here.

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