Unleashing the Untriggered Y.O.U. session

Are you ready to break free from the overwhelm,
kick guilt to the curb,
and banish the constant worry that's been
lingering in your parenting journey?
It's time to imagine a home filled with calm and joy,
effortlessly navigated through the chaos?

Welcome to Unleashing the Untriggered Y.O.U. Session

This is your invitation to reclaim your time and energy,
without endlessly scrolling through social media
or drowning in parenting books.

Say goodbye to the struggle and discover a roadmap
to authentic parenting, responding with connection, calm,
patience, and unshakable self-worth.

The result?
Raising kids who embody calm confidence and resilience.


Lets create a treasure of practical, battle-tested tips
that is uniquely aliened to your parenting journey.
Written and recorded, In a session we will create a roadmap your YOU
to empower you with the tools you need to navigate the beautiful chaos as untriggered mother.

Clarity how to manage your triggers

Will discover your potential and superpowers and identify 3 biggest triggers with a personalized system how to stay calm to unlock your inner wisdom and have more energy and calm.

Value: 300 €

Guidance how to empower your parenting

What do you want to teach your kids for life? Know your parenting GPS. Learn how to use it in you everyday life to start parenting  when you set up the boundaries. 

Value: 199€

Power to get your voice back and express your needs

Knowing your triggers and desires is just the beginning. In our session, you’ll learn the art of expressing and communicating your needs effectively with L.O.V.E. method.

Value: 450 €


You Matter: Your inner world matters, and you’re here to heal, grow, and be the change. Stop the waste of time and energy; embrace personalized tools to parent differently.
Connection: Create valuable moments, ensuring you won’t miss out on the joy. Be the mother you needed as a child—build connections that last a lifetime.
Confidence: Say goodbye to ‘not-good-enough’ feelings, guilt, and generational patterns. Parent with patience and confidence, shaping a legacy free of limitations.

Book your 2-hour session now and enjoy a BONUS!

Dive into the impactful world of self-love scripts with our bonus eBook.
Discover how your internal dialogues shape your reality, and
empower yourself to become the best version for your family.

Untriggered happy clients

About Alex Pin

My name is Alex or Aleksandra and I am a teen-mother, parenting coach for mothers, primary school teacher and  I love to dance bachata.


 I help mothers become untriggered so that they can raise confident, empowered children who are seen and loved.


By doing this mothers unlock then inner wisdom, become who they are, parent calmer and feel more confident.


I am on a mission to help mothers and other parents to raise kids who are trigger-aware and positive creators of the future.