Alex Pin

Laughter is timeless, imagination had no age, and dreams are forever. -Walt Disney

5 wonderful
fairytale meditations
to empower kids life skills

Fairytale meditations are a perfect solution
to empower your child to manage strong emotions, 
get stronger self-esteem and help him fall into a peaceful sleep.

" I passionately believe that every child needs to feel
that is special, loved, accepted and
has a support on the way to their dreams."

Meditations are created as specially meditative interactive stories that stimulate
the child’s inner world of imagination, the ability of visualization and, above all,
lead him to a state of calm. The special feature of meditations is that they activate
and raise awareness in the child of a certain inner life skils during
a fairy-tale journey, which he sets out on through meditation.
At the same time, children feel calm and, above all, safe,
they become aware of their inner joy and their authenticity.


Meditations also have many benefits for children such as:

relieve stress and anxiety,
support healthy emotional development,
promote focus and concentration, and
they increase creativity, imagination and visualization.

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