Hannah's Christmas Wish - Audio book

Get this beautiful story about Hannah and her a special Christmas wish in your ebook.

Hannas wished that she would be able to walk and wrote that to Santa.

Hannah’s Christmas Wish is one of the extremely rare picture books that presents the theme of immaterial wishes to children in a sentimental and special way, and helps them to understand the differences we all face in the world.


The story is about a girl named Hannah who is in a wheelchair. For Christmas, she wishes to be able to walk. She decides to write a letter to send her special wish to Santa.

Just before Christmas, Santa arranges all the children’s wishes into boxes depending on the wishes they carry. In the end he is left with Hannah’s letter, which does not belong in any box – not the one for books, dolls, balls, or other toys…

Santa visits Hannah for Christmas and tells her he can’t fulfill such a special and unique. With a little magic, Hannah and the reader experience a truly unique Christmas.


The book will be emailed to you on the 15th of November.