What to say when others parent your child and its triggers?


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There are so many different situations when we get triggered by others parenting our children while we are present.

  • Sometimes you are distracted enjoying yourself, and you can’t see everything your child does.
  • Sometimes, a line is crossed and what just happened isn’t OK.
  • Sometimes others try to parent your child by telling you that you’re doing something wrong or that your parenting skills are lacking.

What to say?

Get ideas, tips and scripts.

Alex Pin 
is a parenting and emotional wellbeing coach for moms and a book author. She began writing children stories during her postpartum depression after her son was born. That helped her find a meaning  to encourage children in schools, to help children to believe in themselves.
This is now part of her unique coaching practice that has helped hundreds of parents to understand, bond and create more loving relationships with their children so that they are seen and loved.