Considering divorce or are you in the middle of the divorce?

Struggle alone, wondering how to support your children and find strength and yourself back again?

Divorce and being a single mom feel like a mess, failure, and pain and you put your kids first for so long, you have forgotten how to love on yourself

It brings out so much pain, loneliness, also anger, disappointment and frustration.

It’s like a JUNGLE.  In a single moment, you become a divorced mom and its everything on you.  


I help divorced moms worthy again so that they 

can raise confident, empowered, happy children who are seen and loved.



a new approach to situations and outside-the-box decision making
tools to manage guilt, shame, disappointment, and fear to be brave
rituals to know how to stand up for yourself, be confident 
unique proven practice that will help you teach your children how to navigate and manage strong emotions for life
Editorial review of important emails and texts to the ex
In-person or virtual support for court and mediation
fairytale meditations for your children
mom-to-mom insights on parenting agreements
communication strategies for difficult people
simple ways to practice self-love
dating and relationship guidance



Recognizing  the divorce emotionally  process
Tools and support on how to help and empower children in the divorcing process
Unlock inner wisdom become more confident and have more energy
Introduce small, impactful practices of self-care
Reorganizing life after divorce with steps to get there
Build calm, clear, confident communication
Deflect stress, sleep better and feel energized
Connect with other divorcing moms who get it
Learn to reframe maddening situations
Return focus to their needs, desires and big dreams
Stand in their own power and reclaim control
The 3-month coaching program  will help you feel worthy again with me by your side,
give you the support and tools to help your children manage their emotions and
empower you to create a life you love to have.

I have been divorced 9 years and last 8 years I have been helping moms and divorced moms to become a mom they needed as a child.



Reorganizing you life and business
Inner work – release your pain and grow
Reparent yourself and your parenting
Happier, calm and confident new you creating new future

What moms say