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What parents say on what happens when children do not get what they want!


They sometimes have an inappropriate mouth and says shut the hell up and try to get the thing you said no to. 

Looking leading to crying and screaming. Biting whatever is closest. 

They cry and tell you never get them anything.  

They say mommy is a monster.

She continues to ask and cries after we say no. 

They  play the victim card over and over again.

The make you feel guilty  if you don’t buy them what they want from the store and if not they get really mad.

They ask and ask and force you until you are tired and say “yes”


All you want is for your four, six, or eight year old to be a little more patient. 

As a mom, teacher and a coach I have been there. I have seen it all and tried tones of things. I have learned that you always parent yourself fist to be authentic and in the same time you need to hold on your inner pillar of presence for your child with a good story and motivation for them. 

Introducing an interactive e-book 

  1. INTERACTIVE E-BOOK with a story for kids

Maya and Tom are brother and sister. They are very impatient and always want to have everything right away otherwise they yell bit everything what comes around. Their mother patiently teaches them how everything needs their time.

 But Maya and Tom find it hard to accept it. One night, a wave of magic hugged the land. Next morning Mom miraculously begins to smell sweet things like chocolate in the air. And then…


Kids just love to draw and express themselves through art, don’t they!  It is now an every day thing you can also co-create the book. 
You won’t know exactly what do to? Don’t worry! At the end of the book are all written activities. That will help your child. 

3. Growth mindset Activities for kids

The book will guide a child with different activities discovering their impatience and reactions in different situations.  They will also look for new ideas on how to overcome fear and how to empower their patience. 
Written activities in the end of the book help children in developing self-esteem and positive patience.

4. Family game with elves

This is so much FUN! You can play it anywhere and at any time of the year. It encourages children imagination and leads them to start training patience and calmness with the expectation.  With this, they begin to learn the inner balance of their desires, expectations, and composure. The game can take time for several days. Bu in the end the night comes when elves with shiny feet come with their candies. 



Meditation is created as especially meditative interactive story that stimulates the child’s inner world of imagination, the ability of visualization and, above all lead him to a state of calmness. This then activates and raises awareness in the child of a certain inner life skills during a fairy-tale journey, which he sets out on through meditation.

masterclass: Become a super patience mom

In this one hour masterclass, you will learn:
  • Basic of what happens in your and child inner world when a child reacts with impatience
  • A sneek peek into “Why is waiting so hard for kids?
  • Also I will explain it to you why teaching patience is important for life and
  • Give your ideas, steps on how to help your child while dealing with strong emotions.

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