Empower child's confidence using praising and card notes.
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We all want to make sure our children feel good about themselves, confident, brave and empowered to do great things.

Self-confidence is extremely important in life. It helps us all, especially in taking new steps in life.

This book is for parents:
  • Who are looking for a way to build long-lasting and stable self-confidence in their child.
  • Who are aware that praising effort not only results but empowers a good feeling in their child.
  • Who realise good self-confidence is important when you struggle and face challenges.
  • Who are looking for innovative ways to empower their child’s confidence.
  • Who want to bring a calmer,  understanding and loving energy to their family.
  • Who are very aware that the way they speak to their child will, in a long term, become the child’s inner voice.

Knowladge, ideas, templates, scripts!


Alex Pin 
is a parenting and emotional well-being coach for moms and a book author. She began writing children’s stories during her postpartum depression after her son was born. That helped her find a meaning  to encourage children in schools, to help children to believe in themselves.
This is now part of her unique coaching practice that has helped hundreds of parents to understand, bond and create more loving relationships with their children so that they are seen and loved.