Join the most beautiful art project
for schools and kindergartens in the world.

Global community art project to inspire children and communities
to cherish what truly matter in life.

"Art of the Heart" is a dynamic global community art project that connects children aged 3 to 10 worldwide by creatively expressing their deepest wishes. This initiative serves as a platform for children to share what truly matters in life—expressed through the universal language of art, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries.

Educational Goals

Through participation in "Art of the Heart," students delve into vital themes such as inclusion, kindness, tolerance, and diversity, both within their local environments and in the broader global community. This project offers a valuable educational tool, adaptable to various curricula, and supports multicultural, multilingual, and developmentally appropriate learning experiences.


The mission of "Art of the Heart" is to foster a global perspective among young learners, enriching their educational journey through art and international friendships. This project encourages students, educators, and communities to connect by creating and sharing wishes that hold intrinsic value—fostering essential life skills and promoting a deeper understanding of diverse life experiences.

Project Foundation

Inspired by "Hannah’s Christmas Wish," a heartfelt story about a girl in a wheelchair whose simple desire was to walk, "Art of the Heart" highlights the impact of non-material wishes. This narrative forms the core of our project, reminding us of the powerful changes that can stem from the humblest desires.

Polish, Slovak, Swedish, German, Italian, Croatian, Portuguese

Project Activities

From September 2024 to March 2025 schools and kindergartens will implement these 5 activities:
1. Literacy Integration through Guided Reading
2. Artistic Expression Workshops
3. Inclusive Community Engagement
4, Awareness Campaigns on Non-Material Values
5. Documentation and Reporting

Included schools and kindergartens will get project step-by-step guideline
and recorded training.

The project team will select 50 best arts.

Already included countries

Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Poland, Mexico, Croatia, UK

Our goal fist year is to include 20 countries from all over the world.

Histroy about the project

It all started when Alex heard the story about the girl in a wheelchair in her son's kindergarten years ago. That girl has a special wish. At that time Alex was still a teacher in primary school.
Get to know more how this project came to life in the video.


Led by Alex Pin, transformational parenting coach, bestselling author, teen mom, and former primary school teacher based in Slovenia, EU. Alex aims to gather one million wishes from children globally to illustrate to parents and educators the profound values our young ones hold.

Project supporters

Project supporters are the diverse group of passionate parents, coaches, and educators from around the world who are the backbone of the "Art of the Heart" project.
Each brings unique insights and commitment, helping us weave together a tapestry of non-material wishes that span cultures and continents.